Jul 25 2004

The last several years of my life, I spent in a place where “professional management” basically assumes that by creating a business that is “scalable” and “extensible” must be a business about the business rather than a business focused on the people. Sure, we need to reach to find the right people with the right skills with the right attitude and not least those with the best cultural fit. But at the end of the day, if we expect great work, we clearly need great people… And that we have. All fitting within some guiding principles … an RD2 team member must be:

* trustworthy
* respectful
* focused
* intelligent
* balanced
* a great communicator
* of similar industry values

In our team, we have this. It is showing in our work. It is showing in our bustling, ambitious atmosphere. It showed last night at Ryan’s house at our first real company get together.

At RD2, we always put our people at the forefront… Teamwork? What does that mean? A great team just makes it happen. With the right MOJO, anything is possible. This word “Teamwork” is just so overused. To me, it’s just corporate speak. At RD2, it about building something as one. Mental telepathy. One part of body thinks, and the other part just responds. Like magic.

I have learned so much in such a short time. Sure, in many cases by making mistakes. For instance, in a previous business setting, I was floored when asked, “Chris, how do we get the MOJO back into this company.” I was not astonished because the answer to the question at first seemed incredibly obvious. In fact, you cannot just answer a question like that in a few brief words. I just knew beyond all reason, that when such a question had to be asked, this was a sign of a much bigger problem. A problem that is incredibly difficult to overcome when a company moves away from that which is most important. Its people. I hope that you will have the opportunity to get to know the individuals at our company. Each person is truly a unique and interesting world of knowledge, experience, charisma and attitude. In each one of us, we find the MOJO.


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