St. John’s Tavern Print Work

Looking to get back to basics, St. John’s Tavern came to RD2 to revamp their menu and help them highlight their new craft beer wall featuring 28 different hand-crafted beers. Because making things simple and beautiful is one of our hallmarks, we were happy to help.

Though known for having good, no-fuss food, the menu, through many iterations, had lost its organization and become crowded with descriptions. We decided to strip things down to the basics: What it is and how much it costs. If people are already coming there because of the great food reviews, they only need to know which of the great options to get. Additionally, we really wanted to make sure the craft beer has a chance to sing, so we dedicated half the menu to advertising and promoting. As part of an ongoing campaign, the “Crafts on Draft” seal was created to help brand materials and events.

In organizing and updating the menu, we wanted to find some printing efficiencies to help keeps costs down so the menu sized was reduced. Doing so helped to make production and lamination as cost-efficient as possible.

RD2 also helped to create napkin advertisements to make sure that the St. John’s experience was in every part of the tavern. Again, looking to offer more value, we doubled these napkin cards to also work as direct mail postcards as well as flyers so that budget dollars and marketing potential were maximized.