St. John’s Tavern Website


St. John’s Tavern, formerly St. John’s Wood, is a new tavern located in the Uptown section of Dallas, Texas. We’re happy to have participated in helping our friend Larry Dupler develop a strategy and design approach that would help him build a business that would reach a deeper audience in his area while also establishing the tone and environment of his new bar/restaurant/internet lounge.

Larry’s vision for St. John’s Tavern was cemented in his mind when he paid a visit to St. John’s Wood, the district in North-West London, England. He fell in love with St. John’s Wood and found himself taking in as much of this environment as he could during his stay. He visited Abby Road, where the famous picture of the Beatles took place. He visited the Lord’s Cricket Ground and also visited the many streets and avenues of his now favorite place to visit.

If you are a fan of the Rolling Stones, you may be familiar with the name “St. John’s Wood” from the song “Play with Fire.”

Your mother she’s an heiress, owns a block in Saint John’s Wood,
And your father’d be there with her.
If he only could, but don’t play with me.
‘Cause you’re playing with fire.

Upon his return, Larry and I met to discuss the potential names of his new restaurant. We had many names on the table but one that Larry kept bringing up was St. John’s Wood. No one could argue, and in anyone could pull it off, Larry could.

Visiting St. John’s Tavern, in Uptown Dallas, your initial impression would be that it might look like a law office, or even a well heeled fraternity house. The front of the structure features tall columns and a sprawling patio overlooking the nicest part of Uptown’s McKinney Avenue. Inside is a giant, two story, bar/restaurant with plenty of choices on tap as well as an amazing menu. Try the burgers and you will be impressed… Additionally, as you hang out with friends, eating and drinking, you can watch your favorite sports channel on one of the many flat panel displays. During commercial breaks, visitors may notice the trivia and/or random lyrics painted on the walls.

With the launch of the new website, St. John’s Tavern is focusing on a less traditional approach to marketing. The website is now a social media mashup that features their core social media properties that St. John’s Wood will use to reach out and stay connected to visitors and fans. Of the initial social properties that St. John’s Tavern is focusing on will be , , , YouTubeFoursquare, and Gowalla.

The strategy for St. John’s Tavern is to promote their culture online and share everything possible that might connect the experiences of the patrons in the Tavern to experiences online. They have already enjoyed a large number of repeat visitors and St. John’s Tavern aims to connect, share, and inform them daily. “It’s not just our Tavern, it’s YOUR Tavern,” which is something you will hear them say often.