Ben Spies Identity

Ben Spies Identity

Ben Spies (pronounced “Speez”) is not your typical athlete. In a world of over-the-top personalities and drama-inebriated antics, Ben has always been reserved and deliberate. Although often described as “quiet,” one look at his career stats and you know exactly where he does his talking…on the track. With his focus set almost exclusively on the circuits (with a few notable exceptions) he has produced unprecedented results in the world of racing. Looking to elevate his marketing and personal branding to the same level, Speez Racing approached RD2 to help craft a look for the legend-in-the-making.
The only dictums from the client? The number eleven, a star, blue, and bad ass.

Taking into account all the various components that are involved within the sport of MotoGP, many of them controlled by outside companies and sponsors, it was clear that the new brand had to be flexible in order to accommodate such a wide array of applications. Merchandise, decals, helmets, watches, leathers, signage…the brand was everything BUT the usual letterhead and business cards.

Factoring the branding that was previously produced for Elbowz Racing, RD2 created a new look that accomplished all the criteria and creates a distinct family of identities. A basic shield shape (taken directly from the Elbowz Racing design) and a distinct family of blues tie the two brands together and gives them both a level of distinction. The number eleven, Ben’s number since he started riding, was modified to give it symmetry as well as create a subtle arrow. The wings speak to the blinding speeds at which Ben tends to travel. The star, representing Ben’s proud Texas heritage, anchors everything together. The name again, reinforces Ben’s identity as number eleven but is strong enough to exist on it’s own.

To facilitate the myriad of applications, the logo was designed to have multiple components that could exist independently without worry of brand detonation or confusion. By treating each component of the logo as unique pieces, each item has the visual distinction to represent Ben while still easily coalescing to create a greater identity. To date, the new brand has been trademarked in Italy, Japan, and the United States.

The new brand, and all it’s components, are all about speed and all about Spies.

Ben Spies new logo full

Ben Spies new logo components

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