The “Twitter Quitter”

Apr 29 2009

Heck yeah, sometimes we’re just not in the mood…and that’s OK. A busy day for most can render Twitter a complete distraction. At times I personally push far away but eventually return.

Saw this article today called “Twitter Quitters Just Don’t Get It.” This discusses how 60% of twitter’ers are dropping it after the first month. While Twitter may not be for everyone, it is a great way to get connected and grab information, in short form, quickly and easily. However, the act of posting twitter messages is just something that may require time to develop your voice... Launches!

Mar 10 2007

We’ve been working with Rusty Weston on the project for the past few months at RD2. It’s been a real treat working again with someone who is passionate enough to leave the safe harbor of a real job and go into business for himself as a blogger with a great mission. If you read his “about” section, you will see Rusty’s view of how to make the world even smaller by connecting people and careers globally.

Rusty is off to a great start and he is contributing some really great content. As a professional writer, Rusty has a natural and easy to follow voice...


Voice of Hulk

Mar 8 2007

Today I with some friends talking about the big picture of blogs, wikis and many other things social media. I hope to be doing more work there soon. One of the many things we talked about was in creating a unique and authentic voice…on being yourself. On the drive home I was thinking again about this thing we call voice. And I was trying to recollect who out there has some very unique and authentic voices. Then, into my mind came the Incredible Hulk blog. This used to be a blog that I regularly visited and will be watching him closely now from my feedreader...



Feb 11 2007

I will cut to the chase and say that I am all for it. Sure, it’s risky. Is it random static, white noise, buck shot? While being for it I seem to contradict myself, as I could see such a metaphor; suddenly you realize the pin is no longer in the grenade…and panic sets in.

The reason I am pro-Micro-blogging is simple. It offers another extension of voice. It’s another avenue offered. Sure it seems like Microblogging is more of a fit for individuals and I can certainly understand why it would be just flat wrong for many brands. But some brands need room to grow and need a medium with an even more free form extension of voice...


Hey, It’s Angela!

Feb 11 2007

Jeremiah pointed me to his web strategy section tonight. As I was cruising through, I saw this pic of Angela holding a print of the “Nuts About Southwest” site. Andy Lark, Angela Vargo and our team worked together on the launch of the Nuts About Southwest site. It’s been a really great community effort...

Where’s Your Voice?

Feb 10 2007

While some people I talk to still want to know about the technologies and mechanisms that will differentiate and extend their brands, we work to focus the discussion on “discovering voice” before and within extension. And for those who are just dipping their toe into the pool, it can get very confusing, very fast. I recently bookmarked a link to a post by Jeremiah Owyang where he wrote a great article on the many forms of web marketing. The list is daunting and I cannot help but think of the marketing manager, C-level executive or business owner touching their toe into the icy waters of opportunity...