Gary Hamel On RD2

Oct 20 2010

We recently launched another version of The MIX. This is a project that has been ongoing for over two years now. After meeting with Gary many times in the beautiful San Francisco area I finally got to see him in Action. This week Gary spoke at Dell and we were able to make it down there to watch him. I’ve met some smart people in my life and this guy is one of the tops. Gary is just an unbelievable speaker. I wish everyone in business had the opportunity to see him speak, let alone work directly with him.

We were able to have lunch with Gary Hamel and Andy Lark and catch up on a few things prior to Gary’s speaking engagement...

Introducing: The MIX

Apr 19 2010

Nearly two years ago I had the opportunity to fly with Andy Lark to meet with Gary Hamel at his home office in Woodside, California. We’ve worked with Andy on a ton of really cool projects and I could tell by the way Andy was bringing me up to speed that this one was going to be extremely cool.

Over the course of a couple of hours, Gary explained to us the origination of the 25 Management Moonshots. He shared his thoughts on Management 2.0 and his vision for creating an online open source management mechanism to bring together a community of management thinkers...


New 3D Features in Silverlight 3

Mar 20 2009

You may have heard the news that Silverlight 3 has entered a developer beta phase. This news was shared at MIX09 on Wednesday. We’ve been fortunate here at RD2 to have been participating in the Silverlight 3 early adopter program for the past couple of months.

What’s New?

You can read about all of the new features on the official Silverlight 3 page. The two main reasons we’ve been involved in the new release are the 3D perspectives and the H.264 support. In this article I’ll discuss the 3D perspectives and leave the H.264 support for a later post.

3D Perspective

Silverlight 3 makes it easy to transform objects on a 3D plane...