Turchin Capital Advisors – Re Branding

Jul 29 2010

Gil Turchin has been a friend for more than 20 years. I first met Gil when we were in the same cycling club, The Bike Smith. This club was out of Lewisville, Texas. Gil and I used to go on 60 mile rides through the North Texas roads between Lewisville and Denton. Gil was a pain in the neck for me to ride with though. You see, for a club rider, Gil was a really good climber. He played coy but I know he knew it. So, when we would go ride on my “recovery” days Gill made it a point to push the pace on all the hills. It sucked for me because I never really got to recover on those crucial days...


Feb 5 2009

Southwest Airlines was recently featured on 33 News. This is a really nice interview of some of our pals at Southwest. The story starts by talking about how Southwest is using Twitter and gives an overview of how Southwest Airlines is using social tools to connect with Customers. Every day people ask me how Twitter can be used in any meaningful way for business...

Making Beer Even Better

Apr 2 2008

Andrews Distributing is one of the biggest beer distribution companies in Texas. When an organization delivers countless cases of beer to every type of restaurant, bar, and nightclub imaginable, it starts to notice some things...

Dallas Dart Rail On Customer Service

Jan 14 2007

On Wednesday of this past week, I rode the Dart Rail for the first and the last time. Figuring I had an appointment that was only two stops away, and that I could be safely delivered from door to door via the Dart Rail, it made all the sense in the world. My appointment was at 10:00 am and there was a 9:51 train from nearly in front of RD2. I had a five dollar bill in hand and was ready to go…until I approached the machine where you are supposed to put the money in and get a token or a ticket or some special money that you are supposed to do something with on the train. The machine was not working...

What’s a Grey Screen?

Jan 3 2007

As we rounded out 2006, we spent some time discussing how to transform our process. Per the recent post by Jeff, “Web Design by Caravaggio,” a small sample was illustrated. And, as we said, it’s working. It does take a little more finesse, but the output is very meaningful. In our research, I came across this article: Don’t make the Demo look Done. I really enjoyed reading Kathy Sierra’s post on this subject. Really interesting thoughts on not taking the “Grey Screen” approach…or making the demo look too done...

Sharing Customer Experiences – Call For Entries

Nov 30 2006

OK, I’ve threatened to do this for a long time (old blog entry about Customer Service Guy www.kurtfisher.com/5.html )- time to act.

I invite all to share their customer experiences – both Good and Bad! We will start a new category for this blog called “Customer Experience” and I invite posts and comments related to your experiences. Let us know about companies that provide exceptional customer experiences and ones that miss the mark...

Know Your Customer Experience

Nov 29 2006

Today’s world is fast paced, but all businesses need to slow down to understand their customer experience. Before implementing something, put on your customer shoes, glasses or metaphor of choice and go through your customer experience: Does it make sense? Does it work? Is it easy?

Example: I have a new cable company – they recently took over my previous company – so you would think they would be hyper sensitive to all the changes their customers are going thru. So today I received an email saying my monthly bill was ready to review.

The email prompted me to logon to my new account and to check my settings to be able to continue to receive my online bill. The way it was worded I thought I had to do this to continue online bill pay...