A Refreshing Distraction

Jul 10 2009

We were working really diligently with a client yesterday. We were engaged and focused. Then we heard a sound. A sound that echoed from our childhood.

The Ice Cream Truck

We needed a little break anyway.

Also, did you know they have these crazy watermelon pops with fake looking seeds that are actually watermelon candy? Genius.


Merlin Mann on Patterns for Creativity

Feb 6 2009

At RD2 we think about creativity as something everyone brings to the table, regardless of discipline. Everyone has a different take and shows creativity throughout the day, like when Robbie or Rey figure out a particularly tough design challenge, or when Ben finds a way to reroute the entire offices air vents to the kitchen so we aren’t all freezing.

Some of you may have heard of Marlin Mann before, creator of the productivity focused site 43 Folders, and member of the side splitting podcast You Look Nice Today. Recently he spoke at Macworld about creativity and the myth that it is some sort of gift or talent that only a select few are graced with...

RD2 Concepting 101

Oct 23 2008

There are millions of companies out there, which means millions of business processes to be followed. What makes the initial research and concept phase so important? This sets the groundwork for the rest of the project.

“Concepting” is a word that is thrown around often in our space. There is even debate on whether or not it should be a word. At RD2 we define concepting as coming up with ideas based on conjecture and fleshing them out to give the client an idea of what we’re envisioning. Concepting allows us to detail out a hypothesis...


Dell Community Pulse

Jul 22 2008

There are many reasons we love to work with clients like Dell, Inc., not the least of which is that they genuinely want to engage and listen to their brand community. It is not unusual for Dell, Inc. to launch an application like IdeaStorm to take suggestions directly from the mouths of their community members, and then make changes to their company and products based on those suggestions. The next in the lineup of community applications is Community Pulse.

Community Pulse allows anyone to submit their thoughts on Dell’s products and business. Users don’t have to register...

Productivity Suite: Rules for Thought

Jul 14 2008

The Productivity Suite is an application that was developed within our labs here at RD2. Productivity as it applies in our lives and in our work life has become more and more important, and the Productivity Suite is our attempt at finding a better way for people to become productive in their lives. The application centers around user-submitted blog posts, and also adds a collaborative element where users can submit kudos or offenses of their fellow teammates to encourage productive behavior...

Introducing Multi-Site Management

Jul 2 2008

RD2 worked with StoneGate Senior Care on a content management solution requiring many websites to be deployed within one master website. The challenge, all of them need to have autonomy while using the same system for publishing and maintaining content.

We’ve done this sort of thing before, but for very large companies, developing within enterprise-class software rather than leveraging the power of open source. StoneGate wanted to be able to scale beyond 50 websites with one content publishing system. Drupal is a perfect fit, except for one important thing. There was no available mechanism for deploying multiple sites within one system that is managed and maintained from one central source...

Apple WWDC Imminent

Jun 9 2008

What a beautiful sight to behold. Why, you ask? Well naturally due to the prospect that the new iPhone will be added to the store today.

The Apple World Wide Developers Conference begins in about 10 minutes (12 CST). Hopefully Mr. Jobsy will have lots of cool new Apple devices to talk about, most importantly the 3G iPhone.

Head over to Engadget for live updates. I would take on this task but I have another job I must attend to...

Apple store is down for updates – new iPod?

Sep 5 2007

Maybe you’ve heard that Apple is making some sort of announcement today. Rumor suggests (and I sincerely hope) the announcement will be about the iPod line.

Currently the Apple store is down, which makes me think new product is going up (and we will know what that product is very soon).

The thing I love about Apple is that more often than not when new product is announced, I can go to the Apple store and buy it same day...


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