Kicking A** With Drupal

Mar 14 2007

I like this post by Ken Rickard. Ken obviously “kicks ass” on his Drupal Learning Curve. In particular, I took notice to the “drastically customize front page” and various call-outs to theme and content ability. So, this got me to thinking… Some time ago we had some conversations about who’s doing what with Drupal. Yes, we love the platform, but we want to see some more great implementations of design within Drupal. I will list a few below that I have found. Would really love it if anyone can post a few more… would be great to add them to a collection for the “Drupal Fan Club Gallery.” Need more hard core design thinkers in this category.

Chart found here, originated here, inspired by here.


List of Drupal Sites, some are from a video I found by Jeff Robbins at Lullabot. Another is of our work on the site and not sure who did the PopSugar site:

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