To Honor Them Website

THT-670 is a vision established by Brian Howard of To Honor Them™. The website was created with the mission of sharing honor with others. Taken from the About section of the website, “To Honor Them™ enables anyone, for free, to easily and meaningfully express love, appreciation, and honor in an easy, sharable, and permanent way through the creation of Honors on”

On, users can register for an account and start honoring using the Honor Designer. The Honor Designer is a tool to share your story of honor using an easy three-step process. Customize your honor by uploading photos, choosing admirable qualities to describe the person you are honoring, and choosing a theme. You can honor someone one-to-one by creating an “Individual Honor”, or a group of people can honor someone by creating a “Group Honor”, which enables a “group host” to invite other people to participate in the honor. You can create your honor, then save it as a draft, send it immediately, or choose to schedule it for a particular date, for example, on a birthday. Every honor you give or receive is added to your own Honor Album™.

In addition to publishing your honor on the website, users can choose to order a framed version of their honor or other gifts from the Extra Honors™ store, such as jewelry.

The website is built in Drupal, and utliitizes an API to connect to the framing provider, ACE Framing. The ACE Framing tool enables users to customize their framed honor by choosing from a selection of frame and mat combinations. Ubercart was chosen as the platform to create a simple, easy-to-use ordering experience in the Extra Honors™ store.