The Daily Lark Blog

The Daily Lark Blog

Andy Lark has been more than a friend and more than a Client to RD2. He’s a member of the family. If you have not worked with Andy before you would certainly think he was the hardest driving and most demanding client imaginable. All true. He’s a tremendous creative visionary and our working together has yielded some of the most amazing work. It’s changed industries. For real.

We’ve worked with Andy at LogLogic and Dell. Andy headed up all of Marketing for Dell Large Enterprise. While you can see much of the work we have done for Andy in the Dell portion of our website, we’ve chosen this section to talk about Andy, the man.

Andy is a hyper intelligent kiwi who has traveled the globe many times over helping companies innovate in how they communicate. He’s one of those guys who knows a LOT about a LOT. Andy’s not the kind of person who sleeps…much. He’s been a major influence to every company he touches in the area of innovation. Andy’s particularly keen and smart in the areas of social media. Early in our time of working together, Andy recommended that I make a trip down the street to see this little company called Southwest Airlines. He had been consulting with them on how to embrace social media across the organization. This introduction turned into a wonderful partnership between Andy Lark, RD2, and Southwest Airlines. A partnership that four years in a row resulted in the Best Corporate Blog. That’s saying something.

Andy is now the CMO for Commonwealth Bank in Australia. He’s certainly going to make change happen there as he has everywhere he has been. We’re looking forward to seeing him in Sydney.

So all this brings us to The Daily Lark. As long as we’ve known Andy he’s had his blog. I don’t know how he has time to write but he makes time nearly every day. Sometimes Andy shares things he finds through his social media channels. Sometimes he writes cool stories that teach us. Sometimes he shares content that inspires us. As such, a key theme on his blog, on every post, is a gadget that gives the reader the chance to make one click as a way of communicating if the story was something “Loved, Learned, or Inspired.” We think it’s a great execution. We feel that The Daily Lark is a great extension and representation of what’s happening in the mind of Andy Lark.

So, make sure to bookmark his blog. Come back and read it as often as you wish. We’re absolutely certain you will find something you love, something you will learn, or something that will inspire you.