PlainsCapital Bank Website

PlainsCapital Bank Website

The PlainsCapital Corporation team sets the bar for customer service in their business, and is now extending it online in a new and innovative way. At a time when Banks are having some obvious challenges, PlainsCapital Corporation is Strong, Stable, and Growing.

This website is built entirely on SharePoint 2007. There’s a lot of power in SharePoint, but in the past, designers and developers have had difficulty in figuring out how to deploy webparts maintaining a strong sense of design. We think companies everywhere can tap the potential of SharePoint in their enterprise like never before, and we want to thank PlainsCapital Corporation for taking this bold new step.

PlainsCapital is a highly successful Texas financial institution that has seen continued growth and success over the past 21 years because of a focus on customers, relationships, and the community. PlainsCapital’s website was in need of a redesign and visual enhancement to further convey these values to PlainsCapital’s online community.

It was imperative to provide an online experience that spoke to the values of the brand in every way: from the mix of features and functions to the design. It was also important that PlainsCapital had a way to keep the site updated with fresh content, and implement internal content update processes like moderation and collaboration.

It seems ironic, the thought of creating visually rich, customer facing, web applications on SharePoint. But, anything is possible when you work with great people like those at PlainsCapital Corporation. Thanks to all of you for the great work and support along the way. Of course, thanks to the RD2 team who are catching up on their sleep this week!