Management Innovation Exchange Website

Management Innovation Exchange Website

RD2 had the opportunity to fly with Andy Lark to meet with Gary Hamel at his home office in Woodside, California. We’ve worked with Andy on a ton of really cool projects and I could tell by the way Andy was bringing me up to speed that this one was going to be extremely cool.

Over the course of a couple of hours, Gary explained to us the origination of the 25 Management Moonshots. He shared his thoughts on Management 2.0 and his vision for creating an online open source management mechanism to bring together a community of management thinkers. He wanted to create a website that would allow users to implement management ideas or “hacks,” to submit to the MIX website. These ideas would be shared among the community at The MIX and nurtured into ideas that could be implemented in other organizations.

Andy and Dell were eager to sponsor this idea and work with Gary to bring his vision to life. Because of this, we at RD2 had the very unique opportunity to work closely with Gary to create a User Experience Plan that would help to establish a frame of reference for the design and development that was to come.

Over time, Gary has built an amazing team and we also had the opportunity to work with some really great people such asMichele Zanini (of McKinsey), Polly LaBarre, and David Sims.

Of course this was an all-in team effort at RD2 to design and build out the MIX.