Elbowz Racing Website

Elbowz Racing Website

Just over a year ago we had some guests here at RD2 for a dicsussion about building a regional cycling team (Elbowz Racing) based in Dallas, Texas. Those guests were Nick Kiernan (friend of nearly 20 years) and Ben Spies (professional MotoGP racer). There’s not a container large enough in the known universe to store the passion these two share for the sport of cycling.

Ben shared his vision for the program and how he wanted to bring his current sponsors to the table to fund a cycling team. Nick had the plan to go along with the strategy, and the miles beneath him to get a team on the road. We knew it was going to be great. How could it not be?

Fast forward more than a year and these guys have tallied dozens and dozens of wins. They have the second largest following on facebook of all continental teams (without even trying). They have recruited some outstanding athletes from the Dallas area and from places as far away as New Zealand. They’ve put together a program that some of us old school dreamers only wish we had back in the day. The Elbowz Cycling Team is the real deal.

Ben Spies is a household name in most countries as an international motorcycle super star. We speculate that he loves to come home to Texas so much because he can live the life of a normal human being and ride bikes with his friends, where the fitness he garners arguably helps him on the motorbike. He’s also a really talented biCYcle racer too. He’s been known to show up at a category 1/2 race and earn some top placings.

This year, we worked with Ben on his brand and on continuing with what was started last year to launch his cycling team. And again this year the team will continue their winning style while Ben travels the globe racing his motorcycle.

Ben’s vision is simply to give racers the chance to do it right, to do it clean, and to go like hell. Nick’s focus is to get these guys on the road and manage the day-to-day. So why this post from RD2? Well, fist and foremost we are fans. We’ve also helped to create and deploy their brand — from the identity, to the uniforms, and now to the website. Check out ElbowzRacing.com and follow, friend, like, watch, listen, read, and participate.

We’re all so very proud of what Elbowz Racing is doing. And we’re beyond thrilled to still be part of it. Best of luck everyone and travel safe.

Special thanks and best wishes to:

Ben Spies
Mary Spies
Nick Kiernan
And the rest of the Elbowz squad