Dell IT Executive Network PAC Event Mobile App

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Yes, it’s a very “Touchy Subject.” You simply need to try the new Dell Streak. Personally, I really love the form factor. When browsing the web or email on this device it feels similar to a Sony PSP to me. It’s very comfortable, natural, and easy, whether one handed or two. At five inches on the screen, this is a different form factor. It’s very realistic to carry around day to day. It fits in your pocket and is so much better for reading than a standard smart phone.

The Dell Streak is an Android based tablet with a lot of power. Dell contacted us about creating an Android application for this new device that was to be provided at the EMEA CIO PAC Conference in Berlin. The application created is called Dell ITEN (Information Technology Executive Network). This application serves as an information companion that distributes highly exclusive and timely content to Information Technology Executives. Each Executive has their own unique credentials which authenticate them through a system that decides specifically what content should be available to them based on their profile.

At the PAC Conference in Berlin, each CIO received a Dell Streak. On the main page of each Streak, the Dell ITEN application was front and center for these CIO’s to easily find and access this new content.

This application was built to stream content from a unified data source for the purpose of connecting Dell and the CIOs of their top companies with content that was helpful to their day to day businesses. This content is solution specific and would be available in the form of audio, video, PDF, web content, or any Microsoft Office format. Executives at Dell have the ability to publish content directly to any of these Streaks from anywhere in the world. Content would immediately become available to the Streak in the ITEN application and the user would have the ability to view immediately or save the content for offline viewing at a time of their convenience.

With less than three weeks, we were able to partner with the Dell team to build an end to end solution for this Dell Android application. The Dell team now has the power to publish content into their Dell IT Executive Network from anywhere. The application is smooth, crisp, beautiful, and brings with it best practices in how Android applications are constructed and ultimately used.

Dell ITEN Screens on Dell Streak: