Rey Latham

creative director
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  • Skype: rey.latham
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Rey Latham

Rey was a Political Science major at the University of Texas at Arlington while working summers at the CIA in Langley, Virginia until he discovered the wonderful world of design.

After this discovery, Rey switched from Political Science to Graphic Design in his fourth year (after some serious negotiating with his family) and went on to graduate Cum Laude from UTA with a BFA in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. He has never looked back.

Rey is the Creative Director at RD2 and it’s not a job he takes lightly. He embraces the fact that design today is profoundly different than it was just a few short years ago. He understands that brands today need to think about how they are transformed in the digital marketplace. How the growing need for many to many vs. one to many conversations is a challenging opportunity for brands to embrace. Take a look at RD2′s portfolio and Rey’s fingerprints are all over it. Whether he was leading the design or helping to inspire the team.

When Rey is not tackling the latest design challenge, he can be found at his home with his wife, Jewel and their son, Jace. And Jace can be found tackling their lab mix, Kona.

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